New Rammstein album 2018

New Rammstein Album 2018

New Rammstein Album 2018


The big question that many Rammstein fans are currently asking themselves is not whether, but when the new Rammstein album will finally be released, nine years after the sixth studio album “Liebe ist für alle da”. Nine years – that’s almost a decade and a damn long time for a band and especially for the fans! On 16 October 2009, the last album to date was released with LIFAD, and since then the Rammstein fans has been topped off with many concerts, vinyl releases, live recordings and numerous solo actions, but not with new music.

Since 2009, keyboard player Flake alone has published two books with “Der Tastenficker” (2015) and “Heute hat die Welt Geburtstag” (2017) – which, well known, are not bad to read. Till went solo ways with the album “Skills in Pills” 2015. And Richard also worked with Emigrate and “Silent so long” (2014) on other things as well. So how serious is the new album really? Except for “Ramm4” (2016), an intro for the tour at that time, there were no new songs at all. In any case, the pressure increases enormously after such a long period of time. For the band and the fans. Definitely for both of them! And much more to the management of Universal Music, which is likely to see the end of material for new vinyl records and live concert recordings in 2018. Old wine in new tubes – this year you can’t knock anyone off their feet, especially the fans. So the big question arises when the new, supposedly last album of Rammstein will be released. Last year the round made the round, which is “already 35 songs almost finished“. Which doesn’t mean anything. In the spring of 2018, at any rate, is unlikely. From the so-called “pre-production” to the final album it took at least one year at LIFAD.

And the pre-production of the 7th Rammstein album should be finished by the end of 2017 until the beginning of 2018 at the latest. The summer of 2018 is thus ruled out from the point of view of universal management as well as from the point of view of pre-production, both as a period of weak sales. The last three Rammstein albums were all released in September/October. Realistic is the end of 2018/beginning 2019 for the new album. There would always be enough lyrical stuff, if you think about “Donald Trump” and a possible song “Amerika 2”. And after almost 10 years I could expect a double album. That at least are my expectations, for which I could wait until the beginning of 2019. But no longer.

Update of April 19, 2018: On April 14, 2018, Rammstein published some pictures from the studio and the title “Work in progress” on the official Rammstein homepage as well as on Facebook and Twitter. So the work on the upcoming album is in progress, how fast this progress is going on already, we can only speculate about that. The tendencies regarding the possible publication date of the new rammstein album from this article remain unaffected by this.

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