New Rammstein album 2021

New Rammstein album 2021

In the midst of the Corona pandemic, and the resulting great uncertainty about the Rammstein Stadium Tour 2021, an interview by Rammstein keyboardist “Flake” Christian Lorenz at Motor Music makes fans sit up and take notice. Rammstein have recorded a new album, “This has allowed us to make a record that we hadn’t planned in this way.”

Planning sometimes takes some time at Rammstein, partly due to the very democratically organized band procedure, in which every Rammstein member has a vote and decisions can only be made unanimously. With the last album, untitled by Rammstein themselves, that was ten years. So now, two years after the release of the last record, it should already be time?

“Rammstein had recorded the record in relative normality analog in September in France,” Flake reports dryly on Motor Music. About his best-selling books such as “Heute hat die Welt Geburtstag” he was allowed to report the last few months before assembled Rammstein auditorium pandemic as little as Rammstein itself, because the tour planned for 2020 was completely postponed to 2021. This is certainly annoying for Rammstein, the management or both in one form or another, because after all, the 2019 stadium tour has brought in over 120 million euros, with almost 1.3 million concertgoers. But the six men of Rammstein should no longer be concerned with money anyway. And yes, the shows were terrific, as long as you could get tickets for them.

The question remains what Flake means by “analog”. Is there supposed to be only one record? A real Rammstein album still includes videos, which have to be produced first. Also the “increased creativity” mentioned in the interview during Corona is probably rather a luxury problem, compared to other artists or restaurant operators, let alone the event industry in total. Not to mention the zero number (for fans) with the “Herzeleid XXV Anniversary Limited Edition” launched “by Santa Claus”? No comment.

After all, the cat is now out of the bag. A new Rammstein album in 2021. What should one expect from it? Already with the last album you needed some patience to settle into the new sound. Patience that paid off at the end of the day though, even with poppy songs like “Ausländer”. After almost a year of Lockdown, however, Rammstein fans IMHO expect one thing above all: a phenomenal sound spectacle, brute, monotonous and polarizing. No more and no less.

It remains exciting!

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